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Human Resources Analytics11/10/2021
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Successfully managing your people, your most valuable resource – requires trusted information, delivered automatically, and with actionable insights.

For many organizations this means figuring out how to combine and automate data from at least a half dozen systems, get at least as many disparate stakeholders to agree on data definitions, and then building an actionable user interface from scratch.

Given these challenges, it’s no wonder that so many HR functions are under served from a data standpoint.

Prominence is changing that by providing a suite of Human Resources Accelerators that provide governed, self-service analytics that drive actionable outcomes.

Turnover and Burnout

These were both major challenges before the pandemic, and with increased demand for healthcare professionals across the nation managing burnout and turnover has become a top priority for nearly every health system we work with.

We help organizations find and engage with at risk providers and staff. Our Accelerator bubbles up staff with lower satisfaction survey scores, increased patient workloads, increased hours, increased logins after work, and lower usage levels of performance and efficiency tools that may make their lives easier.

These scores can also be paired with patient satisfaction information for another level of context regarding provider performance and flight risk.

Workforce Productivity

Tracking the productivity of staff drives numerous downstream decisions. Where do you invest in resources, technology, and process improvement to maximize the ability of your staff?

Our Workforce Productivity Accelerator brings together clinical volumes / performance indicators (like procedures, patient days, RVUs, WLUs, etc.) to create targets for staffing and productivity. These data can feed into algorithms that inform department managers and leadership around hiring decisions, and can even help prioritize which staff to call in to minimize overtime expenses while providing the level of patient care required.

Hiring and Retention

A tight job market for healthcare professionals means finding the right candidates, getting them into your hiring pipeline, and moving them through the hiring process efficiently is more important than every.

Being able to track critical metrics for hiring, vacancies, and retention ensures that you have the best chance of filling open roles. These metrics include things like: # of candidates sourced per hire, interview process duration (and duration of sub-steps like reference checks), candidates hired that are retained 6-12-18-24 months later, and more.

Knowing all of these key performance indicators allows you to make sure you source sufficient candidates, that fit your culture, to rapidly hire and retain over the long term.

Compensation and Benefits

Making sure staff receive compensation and benefits in alignment with their performance is incredibly important to retaining talented team members in a highly competitive job market. Bringing together data on compensation plans, benefits offerings, and employee performance ensures you have the full picture of staff compensation when it comes time to evaluate your organization’s offerings.

Growth, Education and Credentialing

Organizations who don’t invest in their staff are 12 times more likely to leave a job than organizations who are. Odds are, you are offering multiple ways for staff to grow in their capabilities and careers, but whether or not they know of those offerings or take advantage of them is another thing. Analytics can highlight where staff aren’t utilizing resources and offerings available to them, and allow you to engage in awareness campaigns.

You can use analytics to track staff progress toward completing credentialing requirements, and ongoing educational requirements, like CME, to ensure staff stay on track for completing everything in a timely manner.

Lastly, you can bring in data on intra-organization moves for employees to track where they’ve worked, promotions they’ve received, and more. Understanding if a new setting may energize someone can be important, as well as understanding if certain staff have a new manager that may need additional mentoring.

Getting Started

Prominence’s Accelerators, toolset, and industry leading talent can empower your team with governed, self-service information that helps you retain top performers, grow and motivate staff, and develop an industry-leading culture of performance and satisfaction.

If these items are of interest to you or a colleague at your organization, then let us know and we can set up time to provide case studies from our 90+ customers, answer questions your team has about better leveraging their data, and provide live demonstrations of HR focused solutions that are in production use with customers today.

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