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Healthcare is Provided in Real-Time. Why Aren’t Your Analytics?01/18/2023
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Large healthcare organizations often struggle to provide the right data to the right users at the right time. This results in decisions being made without all of the necessary information and context leading to lost revenue, decreased satisfaction and increased strain on already taxed providers.


Prominence’s Platform offers real-time data connections to sources like Epic, Cerner, and dozens of other mission-critical systems. Our Platform immediately begins to provide value, saving time and money by giving healthcare teams immediate access to data in real-time. Your organization can finally gain access to the elusive real-time data that would unlock even more advanced visualizations and make your data even more actionable. 


Why Real-Time Data?

Healthcare executives are focused on data analytics now more than ever. In fact, more than 90% of hospital and physician financial executives are exploring new uses for data analytics in order to make their operations more effective and efficient. One of the main ways to improve hospital performance is through the use of real-time data analytics, which increases transparency across the organization and allows healthcare teams to more efficiently deliver care. 


Emergency Department (ED) overcrowding has been a seemingly unsolvable problem for large hospital groups in the United States. This results in longer wait times, more errors, and excess deaths. Giving ED teams access to data in real-time would enable these teams to better manage their EDs as patients flow through the system, allowing the team to be proactive rather than reactive. ED overcrowding combined with long-term staffing shortages result in lost revenue and poor staff management. With large hospital groups in 49 states reporting and projecting long-term staffing shortages, there’s a need to make operations more efficient with real-time data in order to open up hospital beds quicker and provide patient care more effectively. One way to accomplish this is with the Prominence Platform, which has been proven to reduce ED boarding time by 48% by bringing data into real-time. 


With real-time data analytics, healthcare teams across the country are able to do more with their data. There has been a 21% average increase in revenue lift with a 40% increase in staff productivity, all while maintaining a 0% increase in staffing levels. Healthcare teams are empowering their teams to provide more care and thus bring in more revenue without having to change the number of employees. Prominence’s real-time data Platform has even opened 22 additional beds in inpatient rooms, using live census and staffing data to optimize patient care. The Platform is helping healthcare systems nationwide do more with their data, making healthcare smarter every day. 



Challenges to Real-Time Data

If accessing real-time data would solve these widespread problems in large hospital groups, why aren’t more hospitals looking into it? Widely-used platforms and processes can seemingly restrict access to real-time data and automated data pipelines, but Prominence’s Platform has overcome these challenges. 


Vendor-provided options for real-time access to their systems’ data are often complex to set up, cumbersome to manage, and incomplete in their scope. These interfaces typically require high levels of technical, database, and workflow knowledge, limiting their accessibility in many organizations. They can often lack the critical controls required to scale and trust their system, with no granular security options, performance management, governance, auditing, or versions.


Real-time data sources add complexity to data pipelines, but the Prominence Platform handles all the complexity for you. Standardizing data from multiple sources without the Prominence Platform increases the amount of time and effort required to view data in real-time. 


The Real-Time Solution: The Prominence Platform

The Prominence Platform provides a no-coding required option to process both real-time and batch data with native support for multiple environments. Step-by-step guidance will write high-performance queries from many data sources, all without any data leaving your environments. 


In less than 12 months, your organization could earn more than 300% ROI, increasing capacity and revenue while increasing data transparency across the whole organization. Prominence can set your team up for success with the Prominence Platform, which can be implemented on your systems in less than 30 days



DRG Evaluation

Our team recently brought DRG evaluation into real-time for a large Midwest Integrated Delivery Network. Previously, machine learning would flag mis-coded DRGs overnight and notify the provider to make the appropriate correction in the chart. While this information is helpful to providers, bringing it into real-time allows for accurate, timely predictions of DRG codes, saving time and money. 


Prominence took the existing model, which functioned in batches overnight, and created a solution that sends relevant information via API to the provider as soon as the patient is discharged. Our system was able to make these predictions instantaneously, allowing providers to make decisions in real-time instead of waiting for the machine learning to process overnight. 


Command Center

Gathering census information in real-time without Prominence’s processes can result in a snapshot that is almost immediately out-of-date. By the time individual reports are run and combined, the team is acting upon outdated information, which costs healthcare organizations time and money. 


The Prominence Platform automates these data pipelines in an efficient and reliable manner, reducing errors and freeing up valuable time. The single dashboard operating as a Command Center gives everyone access to the same governed data regardless of where or when they want to access it. 



Clinical Documentation

Accurate documentation and coding for every encounter is critical as it profoundly impacts reimbursement and quality scores. The Prominence Platform can ensure that each case is appropriately documented in real-time. 


Prominence is able to leverage real-time data from an organization’s EHR to provide feedback to coders and medical documentation specialists. These specialists are able to immediately assess any flagged entries and correct any inaccuracies.


Improving clinical documentation with real-time data brings great success to healthcare organizations. We’re able to provide a 28% reduction in denials with a 10% revenue lift. The Prominence Platform can ensure that each encounter is appropriately coded and not under-documented. 



COVID-19 Capacity Planning: Efficiency, Visibility, and Standardization

A large hospital system experienced capacity planning challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Each hospital site is on a different EHR and has different workflows and nomenclature for key data points that they needed to track in order to do capacity planning across the system. Previously, a manual spreadsheet was compiled daily for each site and distributed to leadership to use during a joint daily load balancing meeting across the three sites. This manual spreadsheet took time to produce by each site and was a static snapshot in time that was not regularly refreshed when census data changed.


The team partnered with Prominence to to use Tableau Online, data extracts from the three source systems to produce a near-real time Capacity Management Tableau application visible to all sites for capacity management and load balancing.


The data extracts and data model were set up to refresh every 15 minutes bringing near real time data into the hands of those who needed it. Security was granted, and sites now have visibility into capacity data for all sites in this hospital system. Each hospital in this system now saves time by no longer needing to generate daily manual reports for capacity planning, while management is able to better analyze and compare performance using this newly standardized data. 


Could your healthcare organization benefit from real-time data? Contact our team today! 
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