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HR and Staffing Analytics

Do you have enough staff? Are they properly allocated? Prepare for staffing shortages and increase efficiency in your operations with our HR and Staffing Accelerators.

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Identify & Reduce Turnover

Ensure that you're hiring and retaining the appropriate staff. View crucial Turnover metrics and compare rates based on:

  • Entity
  • Tenure
  • Turnover Conditions

Combine data from multiple HRIS systems and unlock the ability to compare year-over-year variance.

Get the full picture of your staffing levels and guarantee that your staff is properly allocated.

Accurately Predict Lead Time

Are you hiring the correct staff at the correct time? Unlock your HR and Staffing potential by streamlining your recruiting funnel. Accurately predict lead time to ensure that you have the staffing levels you need, when you need them.

Access a comprehensive performance analysis of:

  • Year-over-year variance in recruiting
  • Combined HRIS data
Labor & Productivity

See the complete picture of staffing and productivity from your EHR, finance, payroll and HR data, all in one dashboard.

Need to bring in additional staff? Easily view your staffing status, including overtime, to appropriately allocate resources.

Reduce the time spent on maintenance and governance by 87% on average.

Volumes Command Center

Make real-time data available to department managers and charges nurses to enable proactive management and embed the dashboard within Epic or Cerner to drive seamless action from the dashboard into EHR workflow! View your most important key performance indicators, like discharges, throughput, and more.

Understand what's happening in your OR and ED so you can staff and allocate appropriately.

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