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2023 Year in Review: Moving Mountains and Scaling New Heights12/22/2023
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We’re incredibly proud of all of the mountains we’ve moved for our customers this year. We’ve allowed health systems across the country do more with their data; from cloud migrations to AR valuations and everything in between, we’re committed to setting organizations up for long-term success.

Below are just some of the ways we’ve made healthcare smarter this year. To learn more about how we can move mountains at your organization, contact our team!

Mountains Moved in 2023

The Prominence team is committed to moving mountains for our customers. This value guides us in all of our work, and empowers us to take solutions to the next level. Over the past year, we’ve moved countless mountains and have equipped health systems nationwide with actionable data.

Prominence Platform

The Prominence Platform continues to deliver trusted data to healthcare organizations across the country, automating data pipelines while preserving security and governance.

Highlights from this year include:

– 500+ Hours Saved
– 100+ Dashboards Deployed
– 160+ Global Transformations/Models

Learn more by watching the short video:


Claims Normalization

Our team enabled a large children’s hospital to control and access their data 95-97% faster and practically eliminated the time spent refreshing reports. This organization can now access their claims data in just 3 days. Instead of waiting months to diagnose a file error or new file type, this team can now proactively identify and fix errors.

Prominence Portal

Your one-stop-shop for your organization’s analytics needs. With the Prominence Portal, users can search and access visualizations across multiple applications in seconds. Whether you’re visualizing your data on Tableau, Power BI, QlikView, Qlik Sense, or other platforms, the Portal serves as a hub, allowing you to access everything in one place.

Keep filter settings while viewing different applications with Sticky Filters, which allow for a smooth experience across the Portal.

Not only can you view and analyze your data from multiple applications in the Portal, but you can also send custom report subscriptions to any email from the Portal, keeping your team in the loop with essential information.

Scaling New Heights

We remain dedicated to doing great work, scaling new heights with new features and functionalities. This year, we’ve unlocked new capabilities for our customers and have saved thousands of dollars and millions of dollars in the process.


Prominence has given health systems the ability to not only monitor physician performance and patient satisfaction at a glance, but to sign off on performance and avoid penalties. With this tool, you can view performance in a tool like Tableau or Power BI, and sign off within the dashboard.

AR Valuation

This year, the Prominence team enabled a large university health system to understand the full picture of their Accounts Receivable at a glance, including:

– Denials by Post Date, Service Date, Denial Applied Date, and Initial Denial Date
– Actuals and anticipated AR based on historical metrics including denial rate, bad debt, and gross collection rate
– Payor Scorecard, including charges and success by key dimensions

Artificial Intelligence

We’re prepared to guide your organization to Artificial Intelligence success. We’ve deployed AI internally and are in the process of prototyping use cases to solve healthcare’s toughest challenges.

Artificial Intelligence, paired with the Prominence Platform, have the potential to save your organization precious time and give you the resources to spend time on other tasks. With Prominence Advisors, powered by AI, your organization can do even more with your data.

Cloud Migration

Migrate to the cloud with ease with Prominence Advisors. Our proven process ensures that your data is securely moved to whichever cloud you choose.

Whether you’re starting from scratch, moving between clouds, or migrating to the cloud from on prem, our team your deployment is migrated quickly, successfully and securely, and that it continues to align with your existing processes for governance & analytics development.

Data Experience

Partnering with Prominence Advisors gives you access to a team of experts with extensive data experience, including the following data sources and technologies:

Choosing Prominence unlocks your organization’s data potential, regardless of the tool or technology.

Get in Touch

Thank you for your involvement this year. The Prominence team is ready to move even more mountains in 2024. To get started, contact our team today!

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