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Enterprise Data Catalog

View the recording of Prominence's Enterprise Data Catalog leveraging Informatica. Schedule a deep-dive demonstration using the button below.

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Fast and Valuable

Prominence's customers save thousands of hours every year when using Enterprise Data Catalog. By automating scanning of data sources, reporting tools (including Epic and third parties like Tableau and Power BI), you have unprecedented access to lineage and asset usage.

Utilize Your Data

Enterprise Data Catalog is one part of the data governance toolset. Learn about Prominence’s capabilities in aligning your people, processes, and technology to achieve your strategic data goals.

Take Action
Building trust in data must result in action. See how our analytics team delivers analytics solutions directly within workflows to make it seamless for staff to go from analysis to action.

View recorded demonstrations of our 50+ Accelerators allow you to stand on the shoulders of our 100+ customers.
Powerful Partnerships
Prominence partners with the industry’s leading data governance platforms to deliver trusted information to anyone who needs it. Want to learn more about our work with a specific partner? Click on the respective icon to request examples of our work and setup a time to talk.

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