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Strategic Services

Improve the alignment of your people, processes, and technology. See the possible transformation when everyone trusts their data.

Best in KLAS

We’re a Best in KLAS organization, earning the #1 ranking in Technical Services in 2023. Our team provides unparalleled expertise in supporting all aspects of data strategy, and our customers rated us 100% exceeds expectations, does not nickel-and-dime and would buy again. Learn more about our services here, or contact us today for a no-strings attached conversation with one of our advisors.

Governance Services

Everyone needs to be able to make decisions based on trusted information. Our customers deliver 100% trusted and transparent information to their consumers, ensuring data-driven people are driving the best outcomes.

Improved Processes

Learn how a multi-hospital IDN was able to catalog more than 1,100 metrics and reduce ticket and issue volumes by 25%.

Technology Enablement

See how a large academic medical center gained transparency into 8 key data sources and eliminated data issues common at EHR upgrades (in addition to enabling self-service and data platform build-out).

Governance Technology

Aligning people and processes is a tremendous achievement. Empowering your team with the best technology turbo-charges your capabilities.

Revenue Cycle Transformation

Prominence customers have collected or lifted their revenues by more than $400M dollars in total. Our team of experts can assist you in maximizing charge capture, minimizing denials, managing referrals, decreasing AR, increasing collections, and more.

Efficient Revenue Management

Learn how a hospital system was able to identify and address a revenue shortfall and recover more than $20M dollars in unbilled statements.

Powerful Partnerships
Prominence partners with the industry’s leading data governance platforms to deliver trusted information to anyone who needs it. Want to learn more about our work with a specific partner? Click on the respective icon to request examples of our work and setup a time to talk.                  

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