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Rapid AI Development

Changing Healthcare and Analytics with Rapid AI Prototyping

Prominence has created AI solutions for healthcare organizations that secure, cost-effective and highly specialized.

Learn How To Unlock Your AI Potential
Rapid AI Prototyping

The Prominence Advisors team is using Rapid AI Prototyping for Efficiency and Automation, allowing healthcare providers to focus more on patient care, and Data Analysis and Pattern Recognition, analyzing vast amounts of data for earlier and more accurate diagnoses.

Our 3-phased approach moves from ideation to adoption with ease, enabling independent use and implementation at your organization. Download the One Pager below to learn more about our process.
Challenges of AI
Implementing a successful AI strategy at your organization involves overcoming some large challenges, like:  

Navigating Cutting-Edge Technology

Understanding Boundaries of Capabilities

Keeping Up with Peers

AI-Powered Analytics and Governance Hub

Store and manage your documentation in one place, allowing AI to supercharge your data's capabilities, including:

  • Metadata reference search
  • Schema search
  • Documentation upload and sync
  • Definition conversion and code creation
AI Use Cases
Below are just a few of the many ways AI can allow your organization to do more with your data. Contact our team to learn more and get started.
Auto Coding Graphic

Auto Coding and Development Lifecycle Automation

Save up to 80% of time on pure conversion efforts, with an estimated 550 hours and $55,000 saved for development cycles.
Back Office Graphic

Back Office Automation

Streamline processes with automated routine administrative tasks. Improve compliance with standards and allow your team to focus on patient care.
Developer Copilots Graphic

Developer Copilots

Accelerate coding process with efficiently written code. Reduce the time spent debugging and increase trust in data.
Research Hub Graphic

Research and Reference Hub

Rapidly retrieve information from a centralized platform for easy and efficient decision-making. Allocate resources more effectively with efficient operations.
Data Governance Graphic

Rapid Data Governance

Create definitions and titles with ease, enabling metric reuse and consistency across dashboards. 92.5% decrease in time spent and potential savings of over $175,000.
AI Roadmap

Want to see how your data initiatives can align with AI capabilities?

Get in touch to receive some high-value, tactical use cases to safely apply AI to your organization today!

How Does Generative AI Work?

Input: You provide a starting point – text, image, or concept.

AI's Magic: The AI dives into vast datasets, learning patterns and styles.

Creative Output: The AI autonomously generates fresh, relevant content.

Human Touch: Users refine and curate the output.

Outcome: Your input transformed into captivating, quality content.

Value: Team member productivity is dramatically increased with relevant, contextual information delivered in seconds, instead of spending hours manually searching and compiling

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