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Prominence Data Governance Maturity Survey
Prominence Data Governance Maturity Survey

We’re inviting you to take part in a research survey for purposes of understanding and benchmarking data governance maturity. This survey is completely voluntary. There are no negative consequences if you don’t want to take it. If you start the survey, you can always change your mind and stop at any time.


By completing this survey, you agree to: 

Allow Prominence to use any or all of the submitted data as we see fit.  At the time of this survey, we plan to de-identify, compile, transform, and disseminate the data to our Data Governance Roundtable members.  We may expand this scope in the future, and you agree to allow us to use the submitted data in perpetuity whether our scope stays the same or changes.  You also agree that you have the right to submit your responses and will not submit any information that you are restricted from submitting by your organization, contracts that you have agreed to, state, or federal law.


Benefits of completing the survey: 

As a benefit of completing this survey, we will share how you benchmark against your peers from a data governance maturity perspective.



There is no cost to complete this survey.


Confidentiality and Data Security: 

If you provide any information that is identifying to you or your organization, we will remove that from data that is shared with others when we publish benchmarking information.


Agreement to Participate: 

Your participation is completely voluntary. By completing the survey, you agree to the conditions outlined above.

To take this survey, you must be:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Have the right to submit data as outlined above

If you meet these criteria and would like to take the survey, return to Typeform and select the button to continue.

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