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Data Lakes and Lakehouse Migrations

Epic's Cogito is moving to Nebula - is your organization prepared?

Set your organization up for success with a strong data lakehouse migration plan. Prepare for Epic's changes with a strong Cloud strategy.

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An Epic Migration

Epic announced at their XGM conference that Cogito will become a part of the cloud-based Nebula. This Microsoft Azure-native lakehouse will morph Clarity and Caboodle into medallion layers in a single lakehouse.

In the next 1-2 years, your organization needs to prepare for this migration. 

The Prominence team is ready to guide your organization through this transition, maximizing efficiency and minimizing downtime during your lakehouse migration.

Data Lakes and Lakehouses in Action

Watch a recap of our Prominence Basecamp: A Dip Into Data Lakes event to gain an understanding of the basics of data lakes and lakehouses:

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Why Data Lakes and Lakehouses?

This shift to a data lakehouse, especially with Epic's Nebula integration, matters because it boosts scalability, saves costs, enables real-time data access, and simplifies healthcare data management. It enhances analytics and streamlines operations for better patient care and cost-efficiency.

Benefits include:

  • Scalability
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Infinite Data Storage and Infinite Computing
  • Enhanced Analytics Capabilities
  • Managed Services
Your Migration Solution: The Prominence Platform

The Prominence Platform is designed to empower your team to do more with your data - getting the trusted info to the right people at the right time - to make your organization smarter.

Over the past decade, we’ve developed our Platform to execute on this goal. It is an easy to use, easy to govern, and easy to maintain solution that makes automating data extraction, transformation, and delivery simple and straightforward.

The Extract Console works with Azure Data Factory for automated, efficient data migration to your organization’s data lake. The Data Prep Engine is designed to then support your lakehouse medallion architecture workflows, allowing your organization to optimize your use of your data lakehouse.

Proven Migration Plan

The Prominence team has helped some of the country's largest healthcare organizations optimize their data architecture. We're prepared with the playbooks required to make your migration efficient and effective.


Step 1: Assess Your Current Landscape

Understand your existing data infrastructure, including data sources, storage methods, and analytics tools in use. Identify pain points and challenges within your current setup.

Step 2: Develop a Migration Plan

Consult with Prominence Advisors, healthcare IT consulting experts, for a comprehensive assessment of your readiness. Leverage their expertise to formulate a tailored strategy that maximizes the benefits of the upcoming Epic migration.

Step 3: Prepare Your Team

Prepare your team for the transition to ensure they can effectively navigate and leverage the new architecture. Upskill your team with additional training ahead of this migration.

Step 4: Implement Migration Plan

Migrate your data to the new data lakehouse using the planned roadmap and leveraging the Prominence Advisors team.

Step 5: Monitor and Optimize

Once migrated, closely monitor the performance of your new data lakehouse. Make adjustments to optimize its performance.


Please click on the questions below to see more information.

What are the key benefits of migrating to a data lake or lakehouse for healthcare organizations?
    Migrating to a data lake or lakehouse offers healthcare organizations several key benefits. These include scalability to handle growing data volumes, cost efficiency through resource optimization, infinite data storage and computing capabilities, integration and compatibility with various tools, simplified data management, enhanced analytics capabilities, and access to managed services that ease administrative burdens and enhance operational efficiency.
How can data lakehouses help us save time and resources in healthcare data management?
    Data lakehouses streamline data management by providing native connectivity, reducing data movement complexities. They also offer automation features for efficient data extraction, transformation, and delivery. This optimization of data processes saves time and resources, making data management more efficient and cost-effective.
What is the significance of Epic's announcement about Cogito moving to Nebula for our organization's data strategy?
    Epic's announcement regarding Cogito moving to Nebula is significant for healthcare organizations as it signals a shift in data strategy. It's essential to prepare for this migration to ensure a seamless transition. Understanding the implications and benefits of this move is crucial for optimizing data management and leveraging Epic's integration with Nebula effectively.
How can our organization prepare for the migration of Cogito to Nebula, and what are the potential time and cost implications?
    Preparing for the migration involves assessing your current landscape, developing a migration plan, preparing your team, implementing the plan, and monitoring and optimizing the new setup. Time and cost implications can vary depending on your organization's specific needs, but careful planning and leveraging healthcare IT consulting experts like Prominence Advisors can help mitigate potential challenges.
What challenges should healthcare executives be aware of when considering a migration to a data lake or lakehouse, and how can they be mitigated?
    Challenges in data migration may include data quality issues, integration complexities, and ensuring data governance. These challenges can be mitigated by conducting thorough assessments, developing a comprehensive migration plan, providing training to your team, and leveraging experts to address specific issues as they arise.
How does the Prominence Platform support data migration and optimization for healthcare organizations?
    The Prominence Platform offers ease of use, governance features, automation capabilities, and support for lakehouse medallion architecture workflows. It streamlines data extraction, transformation, and delivery, making data migration more efficient and supporting optimization of your data lakehouse architecture.
Are there specific training or skill development opportunities available for our team to better leverage data lake or lakehouse technology?
    The Prominence Advisors team is prepared to train your team so your organization can leverage data lake or lakehouse technology effectively. Our team of experts will guide your team to lakehouse success!
What ongoing support and managed services are available to healthcare providers using data lakehouses to ensure operational efficiency?
    Healthcare providers can access managed services that ease administrative burdens and enhance operational efficiency when using data lakehouses. These services may include monitoring, maintenance, and support from experts to ensure the smooth functioning of data lakehouse environments.
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