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Claims Normalization

Escape expensive third-party contracts and gain control of your claims data. Ensure quality, normalized data with Prominence Advisors.

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Break Free From Expensive, Limiting Contracts

Struggling to manage your claims data? Stuck in an expensive contract? Still don’t have full visibility into your claims data?

Our Claims Normalization technology allows healthcare organizations to access a consistent, transparent, and reportable framework at a fraction of the cost of competitors.

Instead of spending millions on third-party contracts that don't give you control over your data, our Claims Normalization solution will immediately provide value and give you full control of your data.

From Chaos to Clarity: Unlocking Normalized Claims Data

In just six minutes, learn the basics of claims normalization, including:

  • What the claims normalization process entails
  • The benefits of claims normalization
  • Practical use cases with 2 large hospital groups
  • How your organization can get started with normalized claims data
Reduce Data Processing Lag by 95%

Our Claims Normalization solution:

  • Reduces Data Processing Lag by 95%
  • Normalizes data in just 3 days
  • Efficiently gathers and normalizes data from various payors
  • Practically eliminates time spent refreshing reports
Ensure Quality Data

Our solution merges files and formats from your various payors into a foundational layer for reporting, eliminating the risk of human error.

Instead of waiting months to diagnose a file error or new file type, our solution proactively identifies these errors, enabling your team to maintain data quality.

Achieve HIMSS EMRAM Stage 7

Evaluate and improve patient safety, optimizing your EMR implementation to access trusted information when and where your team needs it. Process your data 95% faster and gain access to your normalized, trusted data in just 3 days.

Our solution can help your organization reach Stage 7 of HIMSS EMRAM, where patient safety and satisfaction improve, while clinicians feel supported by their EMR technology and interact with secure data.


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What is normalized claims data?
    Normalized claims data refers to the process of standardizing and structuring healthcare data from various payor sources into a consistent format. This ensures accuracy, consistency, and easier analysis of the data.
How can normalized claims data benefit my healthcare organization?
    Normalized claims data offers several advantages, including:
  • Reduced Data Lag: Experience up to a 97% reduction in data processing time, allowing you to make informed decisions faster.
  • Cost Savings: Save millions by eliminating the need for expensive third-party contracts that restrict your control over the data normalization process.
  • Data Ownership: Gain full control and ownership of the data normalization process within your organization.
  • Error Reduction: Minimize the risk of human errors that can arise from working with inconsistent data.
  • Consistency: Establish data consistency across your organization, enabling accurate reporting and analysis.
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