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HIPAA De-Identified Data Browser

Data is the new soil. Organizations with rich substrate will produce tremendous results, especially when they give everyone access.

Prominence's Platform can de-identify your entire data set, including EDWs, to enable more access by more people to produce extremely valuable insights.

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Save Time

Researchers at one of our academic medical centers were struggling. They had great ideas for trials and research projects, but only would know if they had a sufficient cohort after IRB approval and after chart abstraction. If they did not have enough patients then they would have wasted 10 weeks of time.

Prominence de-identified the customers EDW and provided robust visualizations for researchers to slice and dice their population. The result? Researchers could go to IRB with their research topic and their cohort. If approved, the IRB would provide the researcher with an identified list of patients.

Safe and Accessible

Prominence de-identifies data to HIPAA Safe Harbor guidelines, but retains key aspects of the data set.

  • Dates are shifted +/- 365 days, but days between events are retained
  • Patients over 90 are grouped at 90 to prevent age from being identifiable
  • You fully control access to the re-identification application
Prominence Accelerators

Prominence's Accelerators are pre-built, customizable analytics dashboards that maximize your existing investments in technology and people. The Accelerators leverage data from any source, automate data delivery, and enhance governance without creating untenable maintenance.

  • Deliver actionable, governed analytics 4x faster, saving 9 months on average, with the Prominence Platform
  • Eliminate 80% of time required to deploy new analytics solutions (800 hours, on average)
  • Reduce time required from SMEs by 70% using pre-built content and proven processes (300 hours, on average)
  • Don't recreate the wheel - Prominence's Accelerators can compliment / enhance your existing analytics or EDW
  • Automate data pipelines from source systems and leverage real-time data from Epic, Cerner and other mission critical systems.
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