INTERVIEW SERIES: Sherry Dine11/19/2016
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In this interview segment we will be speaking with one of our Advising Project Managers, Sherry Dine.

Hi Sherry. We are thrilled that you are part of the Prominence team and thank you for participating in this week’s interview. So… let’s begin!

Tell me more about yourself and what led you to Prominence.

Alright! Prior to joining Prominence, I worked for a healthcare system for over fourteen years and gained valuable analytical experience in areas such as healthcare finance, reimbursement, quality, process improvement, and patient satisfaction. I enjoyed my time there but felt like I was ready for a new adventure in the healthcare industry.

While searching for opportunities I came upon the Prominence website and was specifically drawn to the blog page. It soon became clear that their culture and values were aligned with mine, which led to the beginning of my new adventure with the Prominence team.

Wow, you have quite a bit of healthcare experience! This is a perfect segue to our next question – What has kept you interested in healthcare and how have previous experiences prepared you for the work you do today?

Well, healthcare has always been a passion of mine, and, since I am not a clinician, I had to find some other way to get involved. Then it hit me, why not do something that will help physicians and care teams perform their job, without having to scrub in? I have worked in several areas of healthcare – Finance, Quality, IT –  and I soon realized how important reliable data was to their work. It became more clear that my role was indirectly enhancing the quality of care for our patients. Knowing I could make such a difference without being clinical filled me up with warm fuzzies and kept me motivated!

What is one non-technical skill that has made you more productive in your role now?

Managing distractions, which can be difficult! I have three dogs who love attention and my family are in and out of the house while I work, so it can be easy to stray off course if I am not careful. Dedicating a home office space and setting strict “work time” hours has helped simulate an environment similar to a traditional work space. My family understands that I while I am in my office, I am working and should not be disturbed.  My dogs are still catching on, ha!

Would you mind sharing a recent challenge that you have solved?

One of the greatest challenges I face in my role is ensuring deadlines are met so project timelines are not unreasonably stretched. I have found that consistent communication is the key to success in making that happen. In today’s fast-paced work environment it can be difficult for project participants to always stay on top of tasks and meet every single deadline. We are human! Communication is the key to success of project completion. As a project manager, I have to be adaptable to the preferred modes of communication of project constituents so information can be transferred as efficiently as possible. There are so many ways to communicate: email, phone, web chat, pony express (just kidding!) Being flexible and using preferred communication of project players helps keep projects moving and clients happy.

Very nice! Let’s change things up with our final question. If you could tell your 14-year old self something, what would it be?

Don’t be afraid to try new things!  I like to wait and observe before I try new things, but I have discovered over the years that by taking a leap of faith and just going for something is far more rewarding then waiting for the ‘right time’ to start something new.

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