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INTERVIEW SERIES: Rosie St. Germain11/08/2018
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We took a little break from our interview series, but we’re back in action, chatting with Rosie St. Germain.

Thanks for sitting down with us, Rosie! Tell us a little about yourself – Who are you, and what brought you to Prominence?

I’m currently the Director of Data Visualization, where I, along with our team of User Interface (UI) Designers, create beautiful and functional analytics applications in Qlik and Tableau.

I am at Prominence thanks to the encouragement of friends.  Some of the people I knew and respected from my time working at Epic came to Prominence before me, and they encouraged me to apply. Once I learned more about Prominence’s values and the responsibilities of a UI Designer, I knew it’d be a great fit for me!

We agree, you are a great fit for the Prominence culture and UI role!  How have your previous experiences best prepared you for the work you do today?

There are three key hats from my past experiences that have prepared me for my work now: (1) Technical Problem Solver, (2) Artist, and (3) Leader.  I must combine all three of these mindsets to my work at Prominence in order to create and deliver the best possible solutions for our customers.

To become a Technical Problem Solver, I earned an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering, worked 2 co-op rotations at Ethicon Endo-Surgery, and worked as an Epic TS for 6 years. That’s roughly 10 years of time spent focusing on honing my ability to assess very technical situations from the highest level down to the most granular level and come up with clear, viable, and long-term solutions. Towards the end of my Epic career, I literally created and taught the class on “Creative Problem Solving.”

The path to becoming an Artist was less official. Art is a personal passion, and I’ve taken as many art classes as possible throughout my formal education and beyond. I have a love of aesthetically pleasing design and have pursued both traditional art (e.g. pottery, steel sculpture, enameling, photography, woodworking, watercolor, painting, etc) and non-traditional art (e.g. engineering drawing and CAD modeling) to practice and develop my skills.

Lastly, becoming a Leader has guided my work significantly, from how I manage myself to how I approach everything around me. While an Epic TS, I jumped into the Team Lead role after about a year, and then eventually moved into the Manager of Team Leads role for my last 3 ½ years. The variety of my experiences as a TL and eventual TLTL has contributed directly to the work I do here at Prominence, from customer relationship management, feedback delivery, strategic planning, prioritization, growing myself and others, process improvement, and much more!

You are quite the artist (I follow you on Facebook and am impressed)! What’s an example of a problem you solved recently building on your technical, creative and leadership expertise?

Users often have questions about the logic used to calculate the metrics they’re seeing in their analytics visualizations. I devised a programmatic method of displaying metric and dimension definitions inline via tooltips in Tableau. The definitions were already being stored in a centralized metric management data source, so using the tools available in Tableau, I was able to pull in those key details for users to have immediate access to within their existing workflow!

You have worked in Healthcare for quite a long time, what interests you most about working with healthcare organizations?

I’ve always wanted to work in a healthcare related field (hence my college major), because I want my professional work to go towards improving patient lives and quality of care. Knowing that my creativity and problem solving skills go towards an ultimate goal of improving outcomes and reducing risk to patient health is what I care most about.

Switching gears, a bit, what is a life hack that makes you more productive?

My work is very visual, so I find myself preparing and sharing screenshots pretty regularly. My favorite screen clipping and quick editing tool is ShareX. I use it multiple times a day, and the basic editing tools save me from having to paste the image into a tool like MS Paint for final mark ups.

Working from home allows flexibility that even starts with breakfast – what do you usually eat in the mornings?

If I’m actually working in my home office, then breakfast is Greek yogurt with some kind of fruit (e.g. fresh blueberries or the strawberries I canned over the summer). If I’m working from a coffee shop for a change of scenery or while on a trip, then breakfast is definitely some kind of egg, cheddar, and bacon sandwich on a fresh biscuit or fresh everything bagel. If I still lived in Madison, WI, then all of my previous answers are moot, and I’d buy scones from Lazy Janes to eat for breakfast every day!

If you could tell your 14-year-old self something, what would it be?

Don’t worry about being terrible at manually developing film in Film Club. Digital cameras are coming in full force, and they’re going to revolutionize your world.

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