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INTERVIEW SERIES: Rose Thayer03/11/2016
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We’re kicking off another blog series, where we talk with some of our amazing staff about how they ended up at Prominence Advisors and what their workdays look like.

We start with Rose Thayer, who wears a variety of hats around here: her primary role is as a data architect team lead, but she also advises UI approach and design and teaches QlikView skills, both internally and with our clients.

Hi Rose, thanks for telling us a little bit about yourself and what you do! How did you end up at Prominence Advisors?

I grew up in Michigan and went to college graduating with a major in Mathematics, thinking I’d teach high school mathematics.  But I was a bit too impatient to wait for teaching positions, which typically open/hire in the late spring/summer, so I looked around at what I could apply for. I decided to interview at Epic, a healthcare software company based in Verona, WI, that I had heard about.  When they offered me a job I decided to take it, relocating to new and exciting Wisconsin.  I worked at Epic for a few years until I got married (to a guy from my hometown, my mom was very happy) and we decided to move back to MI.  I heard about Prominence via people I had previously worked with and was intrigued because (a) the people who worked at Prominence were people I had enjoyed working with, and been impressed by, during our time together at Epic and (b) the flexibility to work from anywhere sounded amazing.  Since starting at Prominence I’ve continued to be impressed by the people I work with and I still love the work from home flexibility!

How has the variety of experiences you’ve had prepared you for the work you do now?

My background as a teacher prepared me on how to explain or present information to people.  I use that skill daily – whether it’s in emails, training documents, or in a meeting agenda.   Presenting complex information can be hard, finding the balance between details and big picture, and I think my background has helped me, although it’s a skill there’s always room to grow in!
At Epic I worked in Technical Services.  That role prepared me to problem-solve every day, and to see the problem all the way through to its resolution, taking ownership of the problem and working with people in different roles to come up with solutions.  I find my work at Prominence is based around problem-solving in a similar way.  No one at Prominence expects me to be able to solve every problem – but they do expect that I own finding the right people to solve the problem.

What’s an example of a problem you solved recently?

A customer noticed that RAM usage on their server due to many scripts running at once was causing issues.  Using a tool developed by another member of our team I tested out various versions of scripts to determine which methods were the most RAM intensive.  We found some interesting techniques to decrease RAM usage, which we were then able to share with other members of our team.

You have a technical background, but tell me about a non-technical skill that has made you more productive?

Summarizing issues as current state, goal state, and next steps helps me quickly review & prioritize problems that come to me.  This helps when reading through dense technical emails or while working on internal processes.  Communications you receive may not describe what is currently happening or what they want to happen.  You can waste a lot of time trying to figure that out yourself, rather than getting input straight from the source.  The simple step of re-formatting my communications to focus on those three steps helps me quickly move on high priority issues and also sift through my inbox.

We are definitely lucky to have your education and math backgrounds at Prominence. With your career development in healthcare over the past 5 years, what interests you most about working with healthcare organizations?

There are so many different areas of healthcare to learn about – from revenue tracking, to OR clinical workflows, to tracking quality compliance metrics.  That variety means I get to learn about something new every day, and I get to work with experts in the various areas to learn about their specialty or their focus.

Working from home allows flexibility that even starts with breakfast – what do you usually eat in the mornings?

Slim Fast Chocolate Breakfast shakes because I am too lazy to make my own smoothies. Otherwise Frosted Cheerios.  I have a bit of a sweet tooth…

Ok, one last fun question – If you could tell your 14-year-old self something, what would it be?

There are probably a lot of things I’d like to tell 14 year old me, although I’m not sure 14 year old me would listen! You’ll pass driver’s training without damaging anything (and driving faster than 25 MPH really isn’t that dangerous).  Getting an A- isn’t the end of the world, you’ll still be employable in the future.  Pay attention in English classes – just because most of your writing will be in email form doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be readable.  Don’t worry – college is way more fun than high school!

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