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We’re back with our third installment of our latest blog series, where we peek into a day in the life of our great advisors – check out our previous interviews with Melissa and Rose.

Today, we sit down with Brian, a project manager at a healthcare organization currently implementing Epic. Many of us landed in healthcare IT by accident, but Brian cut his teeth in hospital operations. Check out his background and why he’s still passionate about healthcare!



Thanks for taking the time to tell us a little about yourself, Brian! What’s your background, and what brought you to Prominence?
I’ve been a certified Pharmacy Technician for 15 years. I started out in a Hospital Pharmacy and moved into several different positions there including Technician, Pharmacy Purchaser for the system, and Technology guru for the Rx information systems/technology we had in place. This involvement led me to the IT department, where they had just begun the process of switching over to Epic, so I was able to work from the ground up implementing Willow at an organization I was very familiar with. 5 years ago I got into consulting after all the sites had gone live, because I wanted a larger challenge helping other organizations implement Epic, but also to help further my knowledge of what else was out there in Healthcare and Pharmacy practice.
You’ve worn many hats. How have your experiences prepared you for the work you do today?
Working in a small Pharmacy IT department of only 2 employees, being responsible for medication purchasing, and consulting have provided a great foundation to my work ethic and drive to overachieve. It’s not just providing the best possible outcome for the client, ultimately, it’s exciting to work with something that directly can make a positive impact for patient care and outcomes at each organization.
You’ve seen many faces of healthcare through your work. What keeps your interest as you work with different kinds of organizations?
The different challenges to help a customer and the huge variances of how a community site operates as compared to a large academic site are very interesting to me. I love a good challenge; I want to learn and grow to better not only myself, but to exceed expectations for each and every organization to help them achieve their goals and outcomes. Healthcare Technology is an ever changing landscape and I love being able to move fluidly with the changes when possible and use that knowledge gained to provide a great experience to our customers.
Ok, let’s break it up a bit… What do you usually eat for breakfast?
Breakfast? Most days I don’t eat much if anything for breakfast. If I do have anything it will have something to do with eggs and hot sauce. I love some spicy food.
You use your pharmacy skills heavily every day. Can you tell me about a non-technical skill that has helped you be more successful in your job?
I can think of two, curiosity and a drive for positive teamwork. I am always curious about new technology and trying to figure out new and challenging things.
Teamwork is a key for getting any project through the rocky times and pushing it home on the final drive. Keeping a good attitude for your team provides a positive response in everyone’s work.
What was a recent challenge you solved as part of your job?
My current client has A LOT of unique workflows to accommodate their vast patient population. Recently we were able to design some very intricate dispense logic for the Pediatric Pharmacy that I have never seen before. I am also in process of some custom setup involving interfaces with Automated Dispensing Devices to help fulfill a critical workflow for the Hospital’s PICU department.
We’re to the final question – If you could tell your 14-year-old self something, what would it be?
Never stop learning and keep moving forward. I know most of us in high school felt we KNEW IT ALL and could go out into the Real World and be just fine. Challenges and new information keep us at the top of our game, which is one reason I think Prominence is an industry leader for having great talent as well as great home-grown solutions. Don’t be afraid to keep growing in all aspects of life.
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